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Dual fuel generators are highly desirable for everyone who doesn’t want to stay in the dark and wait for the power to come back during power outages. Now having a standard generator works perfectly well, but dual fuel ones provide a ton of additional benefits. These generators provide power for a longer amount of time and when one fuel is about to run out, you can just switch the fuel and run it for another couple of hours which is really convenient during long power outages.

Also, dual fuel generators tend to be more Eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. So, if you are looking to buy one and don’t know which one to go for, we have got a list of the 5 best dual fuel generators that you can choose from.

Best Dual Fuel Generator Comparison Table

Product Details   Price
Duromax Dual Fuel Generator ✅Great capacity
✅Low noise
✅Handles heavy load
✅Easy to start
✅Capable to 48 hours of run time
✅Compact design
Check Price
Westinghouse Generator ✅Up to 12 hours of run time on 6.6-gallon fuel
✅Automatic shutdown on low fuel
✅Tough engine
✅Easy to switch fuel sources
✅Easy to maintain
✅Electric start key fob
Check Price
Champion Generator ✅Uses propane and gasoline
✅Low oil shut off sensor
✅Easy start
✅Powerful output
✅Safety fuel selector switch
✅3 year limited warranty
Check Price
Mech Marvels Generator ✅Runs on propane and gasoline
✅Long run-time
✅Powerful Voltage
✅Low noise
✅Automatic shutdown on low fuel
✅Compatible for camping
Check Price
Rainier Generator ✅Dual fuel Support
✅One touch electric start
✅Up to 18 hours of runtime
✅Automatic low fuel shut down
✅Low noise
Check Price

5 Best Dual Fuel Generator Review

#1. Duromax Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax 4400 watt Dual Fuel Generator

Key Specification:

  • Great capacity
  • Low noise
  • Can handle the heavy load
  • Long-lasting power
  • Easy to start
  • Up to 48 hours of run time
  • Compact design

The Duromax generator can run on both gasoline and propane and can give you quite long-lasting power. The power is enough to run refrigerators, air conditioners, lights, and other electronic types of equipment that can take quite a large amount of power to run.

Moreover, the generator can run up to 48 hours uninterrupted on full fuel. On heavy usage, the generator can provide more than 8 hours of energy. So, even during long power outages, you don’t have to worry about your refrigerator shutting off and you’re the meat you stored for the next day getting spoiled.

With fuel generators, one annoying habit that comes with them is the noise that they create. This generator however can take care of the problem. It only creates a noise of 69 Db which is not too much to endure.

It can also work with quite a low amount of fuel for a long time. At a time it only takes 20 oz. of fuel. The generator is quite reliable and almost requires no maintenance at all. It works effortlessly in all kinds of weather. So you don’t have to worry about power outages in the foulest of weather.

The size of the generator also makes it very efficient to store. It does not take up much space and can be moved around easily if required. It is easy to start and switch off.

This dual fuel generator also comes with a user manual, so even if you don’t know anything about operating a generator, you can learn without any problem.

#2. Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator

Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Key Specification:

  • Up to 12 hours of run time on 6.6-gallon fuel
  • Easy to maintain
  • Automatic low oil shutdown
  • Heavy-duty engine
  • Easy to switch fuel sources
  • Electric start key fob

If you want an easy to use a generator that you can switch on easily as soon as power outage strikes, then the Westinghouse generator might just be the one for you.

This generator comes with an easy to start electric start key fob that makes switching this generator possible with just the push of a single button. With the help of this key fob, you can easily start this generator even from up to 109 yards away.

Moreover, this dual fuel generator works on both LPG and gasoline. Switching the fuel that the generator is using is also quite easy. You can switch the fuel even when the generator is running.

Additionally, the durable and long-lasting generator can provide up to 12 hours of uninterrupted energy on 6.6 gallons of fuel. The power that it provides is quite enough to run any kind of electric appliance.

The generator also has the ability to shut down automatically when the fuel level becomes too low. This prevents the generator from getting damaged and makes sure that it works well for a long time.

Also, the generator has a VFT data display center that lets you monitor the real-time information about frequency, volt output, and lifetime hours for better maintenance.

After all, the generator comes with three years of limited service and a lifetime of technical support. So, it is a pretty reasonable generator for you to invest in.

#3. Champion Dual Fuel Generator

Champion 8000 Watt Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Key Specification:

  • Uses propane and gasoline
  • Low oil shut off sensor
  • Easy start
  • Powerful output
  • Safety fuel selector switch
  • 3 year limited warranty

The Champion portable dual fuel generator is just as powerful as it is convenient to use. It runs in both propane and gasoline and provides quite powerful electric energy to power up all the necessary appliances of your house.

It can give you about 10,000 starting watts and 8000 running watts of power on LPG which is enough to run any electronic appliances. Even on propane, it provides a fairly high amount of power, 9025 starting, and 7250 running watts.

Additionally, the generator can run up to 8 hours on 50% power if you fill-up the fuel tank completely, which takes about 6.1 gallons of fuel to fill.

The starting of the generator is no hassle either. The generator comes with an electric one-touch start. And for extra convincing, it also comes with cold start technology, so that it can easily start even during the chilly winter days.

The generator also has a low oil shut off sensor, which can be useful because you don’t have to keep worrying about shutting the generator off when it runs off of fuel.

There also is a monitor for you to keep track of the power output, the voltage, and the remaining fuel and run-time. Which makes maintenance of the generator pretty easy.

The generator itself requires almost no maintenance. It is easy to assemble and start.  And once you have assembled it, you can be sure that it will provide you uninterrupted power for a long time.

This dual fuel generator also has a three-year limited lifetime service, so it is pretty safe to invest in.

#4. Mech Marvels Dual Fuel Generator

Mech Marvels 1500 Watt Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Key Specification:

  • Runs on propane and gasoline
  • Long run-time
  • Powerful Voltage
  • Low noise
  • Low fuel automatic shutdown
  • Great for camping

A powerful and compact dual fuel generator that you can take along with you when you go camping, is that something that you need right now?

If you do, then you should buy this Mech Marvels generator right now. Because, its compact design makes this generator very lightweight, so whether it be camping or using power tools at a job site, you can use this generator safely.

The Mech Marvel generator runs on both propane and gasoline and it can run on both of these fuels for a really long time.

Also, it can run at half load for about 9 hours from a 1.5-gallon capacity fuel tank. On liquid propane this generator can run even longer, it can give you up to 24 hours of run time on propane.

This dual fuel generator provides about 1500 starting and 1200 running power. This much power is enough for you to run about 120 100watt lights. That can be pretty handy if you decide to go camping overnight.

The generator also comes with an automatic low oil shutdown sensor. So that you do not need to worry about shutting it down, it will automatically turn off before the fuel level gets too low. This helps the generator keep working well and not get damaged for a long time.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the noise that generators tend to create because this generator creates electric energy while only making a sound of 68 DB which is practically unnoticeable.

#5. Rainier Dual Fuel Generator

Rainier R4400DF Portable Dual Fuel Generator with Electric Start

Key Specifications:

  • Dual fuel Support
  • One-touch electric start
  • Up to 18 hours of runtime
  • Automatic low oil shut down
  • Low noise

The Rainier dual fuel generator is the last one you must check if you are looking for a portable generator that you can carry around in your cars or RV.

This compact design RV ready generator has extra features that make it especially suitable for camping and comes with a wheel kit that includes two 8 inch wheels. It also includes a foam grip folding handle that makes this generator especially convenient to carry around.

The fuel generator works in both propane and gasoline, which gives a power of 4400 peaks and 3600 running watts at gasoline, on the other side, at propane 4000 peak and 3300 running watts. This makes the generator capable of running most electric appliances found in common households.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 4 gallons and it can run up to about 18 hours at 25% output. The generator also has an automatic low oil shut down switch that kicks off when the fuel in the generator is about to get too low and shuts off the generator automatically.

The generator also has four outlets and a VFT display screen. You can monitor the stats about how much voltage the generator is providing, the frequency, and the lifetime hours left of the generator using this display.

The noise produced by the generator is also very low of about 65 DB which is practically unnoticeable.

This dual fuel generator itself is quite easy to assemble and it is very light in weight. So, the generator quite easy to handle and use.

Also, it requires almost no maintenance and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. So you can be sure that if you buy this generator, you won’t have to buy another one for quite a long time.

What to Check When Buying the Best Dual Fuel Generator?


Make sure that the fuel generator you buy is durable. Because generators are not something that you want to keep buying often. But if you don’t get a durable one, you are going to have to keep spending your money on it. Moreover, if it is not durable, it may even cause accidents as they contain easily flammable fuel. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

Voltage Output

The voltage of the dual fuel generator you bought should meet the requirements of the devices that you are going to use. If you are buying a generator for camping or any outdoor activity, then it is best to buy one that does not have a high voltage output and provides enough power for some light bulbs. In other ways, if you are buying one for everyday use during long power outages, you should check the peak and running voltages that the generator provides and check if they are enough to run the kind of air conditioner or generator you have.

Types of Fuel Used

Generally, most dual fuel generator uses propane and gasoline as their fuels. But it is better to check beforehand what kind of fuel the generator you are buying uses. Also, it may be a great idea to check the capacity of the fuel tanks of your generator.

Run Time

If you live in an area that has frequent power outages, then you might want to buy a generator that has a decent run time. Before buying the generator, check the total run time in a full tank of fuel. Moreover, check how much voltage output it provides during the runtime.

Starting Method

You may want to get a generator that comes with an easy to start one-touch electric switch if you don’t want to struggle for a while to start the generator in the dark. Also, some generators are quite hard to start on colder winter days, make sure that the generator you buy does not have this problem so that you can save yourself from some trouble.

Automatic Low Oil Shut off

If your generator does not have an automatic low oil shut off, you are going to have to keep shutting it off manually before the fuel gets too low. And if you keep forgetting to turn it off, the generator may end up getting damaged and not last very long. So, just get a generator that has the automatic shut off feature, your life will be a whole lot easier.


The fuel generators can be quite noisy and that can be annoying. Some generators however create very low noise, even less than 70 DB. If you buy a generator like this, you won’t have to suffer through the loud gurgling noise, and wouldn’t that be nice. So, check beforehand how much noise the generator you are about to buy creates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I run Refrigerators and air conditioners with these dual fuel generators?

These generators provide enough energy to run even heavy load appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners.

Q. Are these generators easy to start?

These generators come with easy to start one-touch easy start switch that lets you switch on the generators with just one click.

Q. What kind of fuels do these generators use?

These generators mostly use propane and gasoline as their fuel.

Q. Do these generators create a lot of noise?

These generators are made in such a way so that they do not create a lot of noise. They often create a sound even less than 70 DB.

Q. Do these generators take up a lot of space?

These generators are really compact in design. Therefore they do not take up a lot of space.

Q. Are these generators easy to maintain?

These generators require almost no maintenance at all. They even come with automatic low fuel shut off technology so that you don’t even have to keep turning them off when the fuel gets too low.

Which is the Best Dual Fuel Generator for Home? (Editors Pick)

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with buying any of these generators. They are durable, easy to start, and almost require no maintenance. And based on your needs, whether you need it for camping or long time household use, your pick may differ from ours.

But objectively, the generators Westinghouse dual fuel generator – that we think is the best generator for home.

Man carrying Portable fuel Generator
  • The high voltage output in both propane and gasoline
  • Heavy-duty 4 stroke engine
  • Long-lasting cast iron sleeve
  • Digital hour meter
  • Automatic low oil shut down
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Easy assembly
  • Up to 12 hours of run time
  • Easy to start key fob
  • Can turn it on from a distance
  • Switch fuels while operating
  • 3-year limited service
  • 6th best sold outdoor generator on Amazon.

Dual fuel generator Control panel


Nowadays almost everything runs on electricity. From the smartphones to the washing machines, all modern appliances run on electricity which is why it is quite hard to live without even half an hour of electricity these days. That’s why dual fuel generators are a must for those who live in an area with frequent power outages. Generators are even great to take along when you go camping to your near campsite. This list will help you buy one that you will be able to use for a long time. So, go through the list and buy the one which you think is the best dual fuel generator for your needs.

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