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If you have a pool in your house, you will know that you need an above ground pool cover for a couple of reasons. First, you need to keep your pool covered so that leaves, sand, dirt, or any other kind of pollutant does not get in your pool. Thereby, it would be much easier for you to keep it clean. Remember, keeping your pool covered will make it much safer. These above ground pool covers will make sure that none of our pets mistakenly walks in the pool.

Besides, the above ground pool covers can guard your pool against dead insects, debris, dirt, splinter, leaves, etc. Some covers have unusual patterns that can decrease algae problems. This will also save you precious time, maintenance cost, and filter durability of the pool.

Still, it is not easy to find the covers that fit your above ground pool and match your requirements. There are many points that you need to get informed about the size, design, and material of the cover, not only but also the cover is made for protecting your pool in every season. These reasons are sufficient to convince you to get a cover for your pool. So that, look at our review of the 8 Best Above Ground Pool Covers that you can buy your favorite one as soon as possible.

Comparison Table for Above Ground Pool Cover

Image Product Details   Price
Robelle Cover for Above Ground Pool ✅Can not pass water
✅Durable polythene
✅Prevents harmful UV rays
✅Cable and winch Includes
✅Floats over water
Check Price
Blue Wave Cover for Above Ground Pool ✅Protects from water, sun, wind and snow
Stretching and ripping free
✅Include cable and winch tighter
✅Fits most top rails
Check Price
In The Swim Leaf Net Pool Cover ✅Protects from leaves
✅Knitted polythene body
✅Includes metal winch, fastening loops, and wire cable
Check Price
Yankee Pool Pillow Cover ✅Extra thick
Very durable
✅Does not rip easily
✅Specially molded winch
Ultimate sun protection
Check Price
Harris Economy Above Ground Pool Cover ✅Durable
✅UV protected
✅Multi-function cover
✅Wench and wire included
✅Protects from leaves and twigs 
Check Price
Pool Mate Above Ground Pool Cover ✅Solid pool cover
✅Heavy-duty material
Heat-sealed seams
✅Cable and winch included
✅15-year warranty
Check Price
Buffalo Blizzard Pool Cover for Above Ground ✅Super strong
✅Rip proof
✅3 times stronger
Check Price
In The Swim Winter Cover for Above Ground Pool ✅Solid round pool cover
✅High-density polythene stitching
✅Includes turnbuckle and cable
✅UV inhibited
✅8-year warranty
Check Price

8 Best Above Ground Pool Cover Reviews

#1. Robelle Above Ground Cover for pool

Robelle - Above Ground Pool Cover for Winter

Key Specifications:

  • Does not let water pass
  • Made with a strong polythene
  • Inhibits harmful UV rays
  • Includes cable and winch
  • Durable
  • Can float comfortably over water

If you are looking for a strong and durable above pool cover that saves you from the trouble of having to buy another pool cover for many years, the Robelle pool cover is the one you should go for. It is made of strong polythene material that gives extra strength and durability to this pool cover.

This cover is much thicker and made from a solid material that it will make sure no dirt can go through it to make your pool dirty. You can be sure that your pool will stay clean in the rainy season, even water does not pass through this solid, strong pool cover.

For its strength, the cover is light enough to be able to float above your pool water without exerting any excessive stress on it. It even has protection on the top side of it so that it can prevent the harmful UV rays from entering your pool.

The makers of this cover are so sure about the durability of this pool cover that they offer 10 years of warranty on this cover. So, you can invest your money in it without any fear.

#2. Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Cover

Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Cover

Key Specifications:

  • Protects from water, wind, sun, and snow
  • Stretching and ripping free
  • Included winch tighter and cable
  • Fits most top rails

No matter what the weather condition is, the Blue Wave Oval pool cover can save your pool from anything. Be the snow, or wind, or even rain, this pool cover does not let anything pass through. It is even protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The strength and durability of this pool cover is also something to behold. It can last for years, even if you keep it under direct sunlight for hours constantly. The polythene scrim and coating of this cover is made strong enough to last even the worst winter. The makers of this cover claim that it has the same strength and durability as other above ground pool covers, which is costs twice as much compared to this cover.

The cover is strong enough to resist any ripping and stretching. It makes sure that the water in your pool stays crystal clear by preventing the growth of algae by heat seal technology.

The pool cover comes with a good 8 years of warranty and low price to offers that you can surely consider investing your hard earn wealth in it. These are some good reasons to invest your money in this pool cover.

#3. In The Swim Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

In The Swim Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

Key Specifications:

  • Protects from leaves
  • Durable
  • Knitted polythene body
  • Includes metal winch, fastening loops, and wire cable

Are you tired of finding all kinds of leaves rotting your pool all the time? Is it annoying when even a small splash of wind passes by and fills your pool with leaves of all kinds? Then cleaning these leaves from the pool is the main problem you may have seen, but you can also avoid all of these problems by owning an In The Swim Leaf Net pool cover.

All you need to do is lay the leaf catcher on the top of your swimming pool, and you can be sure that you will not need to worry about falling leaves for the whole season.

Moreover, the cover made of double knitted plastic that makes it very much strong and durable. And you can be sure that it will last you quite a good couple of years. It is super easy to use, and it comes with its metal winch and cables and loops so that you can fasten it to your pool with no trouble.

All in all, this can be one of the best purchases you have made for your pool.

#4. Yankee Pool Pillow Above Ground Pool Cover

Yankee Pool Pillow Above Ground Pool Cover

Key Specifications:

  • Extra thick
  • Very durable
  • Does not rip easily
  • Specially molded winch
  • Ultimate sun protection

The Yankee Pool Pillow pool cover is claimed to be the best pool cover out there. They will send a replacement if it does not live up to everything it maintains to be. So now, let us look at all the claims it makes.

Do not think that this pool cover is weak. It is extra thick and extra durable that it can prevent ripping and damage. Once you put it over your pool, it will protect your pool at all costs from everything. Be it harmful sunlight or leaf carrying wind, not a bit of dust gets through this pool cover.

Even the winch of this pool cover is molded which makes your life easier.

Also, made out of denser than usual metal, and it comes with smoother turning technology.

More than that, it is super easy to use, easy on your hands, and surely the winch is long-lasting.

It comes with heat-sealed seams and also has a black underside that mold or algae cannot grow in your pool. Unusually, your pool will stay crystal clear and clean and ready to use all the time.

Therefore, it is extra durable according to the makers. And since you can replace this if it does not live up to all its claims, why not just give it a try.

#5. HARRIS Economy Leaf Net Cover for Pool

HARRIS Economy Leaf Net Cover for Pool

Key Specifications:

  • Durable
  • UV protected
  • Multi-function cover
  • Wench and wire included
  • Protects from leaves and twigs

Are you looking for an affordable option to protect your pool from all the leaves that never seem to end falling? HARRIS Economy Leaf Net above ground pool cover can be a very option for you, as it is very handy with the work it does at quite a steep price.

The pool cover is lightweight and very easy to carry around. You will be easily able to carry it around with just one arm. Since it is so lightweight, it will be easy for you to install and remove this cover from your pool. It is also very compact and does not take much space, which you can easily fold and store at any place in your house.

And surely, the protection that this pool provides to your pool is pretty solid. It can trap all kinds of leaves and twigs on top of it so that they do not fall in your pool. No matter how horrible of a storm you have, you would not need to worry about your pool getting dirty; it will stay right on top of your pool. It is also strong and does not easily get damaged by ripping or stretching.

So, go ahead and buy this reliable and durable leaf net. It is going to last a while for you.

#6. Pool Mate Above Ground Pool Cover

Pool Mate Above Ground Pool Cover

Key Specifications:

  • Solid pool cover
  • Protects from water
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Heat-sealed seams
  • Cable and winch included
  • 15-year warranty

If you are looking for extra heavy-duty material, perfectly heat-sealed seams, sturdy and durable, then the Pool Mate pool cover that not only strong enough also it doesn’t let anything to pass through it.

What more do you need from a pool cover? Probably durability, yes the pool cover lasting more than 4 years durability.

Also, the pool cover is super easy to install because it comes with extra 4 feet of a body so, the installation process can be easy as smooth. It comes with its winch and cable that you are do not need anything else to work smoothly for installing your pool.

The protection of this cover is also something to behold, which will not let any water pass through it.

For this reason, no matter how hard it rains or how stormy nights you have, your pool will always be protected and clean. There will be no trash on the water of your pool.

And you can trust this pool cover to be very durable. After all, it provides a whopping 15 years of warranty. It means if the makers were really confident that they made a strong product.

#7. Buffalo Blizzard Above Ground Pool Cover

Buffalo Blizzard Above Ground Pool Cover

Key Specifications:

  • Super strong
  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Compact
  • Rip proof patented technology
  • 3 times normal tear strength

The Buffalo Blizzard pool cover is made to be as tough that has three times the tear strength that you can’t find in a normal pool cover.

Strong enough, no matter how cold the winter gets it will not split or tear or crack. It’s a pretty quality cover that will protect your pool from everything from the worst that winter has to offer.

As tough as it is, it is lightweight; you do not get any trouble in carrying it or installing it on top of your pool.

It has triple thick hems and super tough stitching that nothing can pass through this, neither water nor any other dirt.

And of course, it comes with extra material so that it can float on top of your pool like an air pillow easily, even when the water levels in your pool are pretty low.

Be it rain or cold or snow, or a windy day. After all, you do not need to worry about your pool at all because this cover will always protect your pool. At the end of the winter, your pool will stay as clean as the time you first put the cover on it.

#8. In The Swim Winter Cover for Pool

In The Swim Winter Cover for Pool

Key Specifications:

  • Solid round pool cover
  • High-density polythene stitching
  • Includes turnbuckle and cable
  • Ultraviolet inhibited
  • Lightweight
  • 8-year warranty

If you want to look for a different pool cover for solid winter, at the time, you could go for the In The Swim winter above ground pool cover. The cover is made out of strong laminated polythene that makes it highly durable. Great quality high-density polythene is used to stitch it, so it can last for quite a while.

It is very lightweight, tough, and reliable, and a very affordable way to provide the best possible protection to your pool. The polythene that is made of triple laminated, and it is UV ray protected. So, you do not have a question about its durability for next time.

Since it is lightweight, you will easily be able to carry it around install it above your pool. It is also easy to remove and clean.

Above ground pool covers also need to be cleaned and washed before it gets extra muddy, as they protect the pools from dirt and leaves that get found on top of the cover. After the pool cover is washed, you can easily install this again on the top of your pool.

It also comes with a 1-year full warranty and 8 years of the limited warranty that you can own this pool cover undoubtedly.

What to look for when buying an Above Ground Pool Cover?


Never waste your money every 6 months buying cheap new pool covers, only to watching it getting damaged step by step. So get a durable one. Nobody likes to spend their hard-earned money on buying the same thing over and over again. There is plenty of above ground pool covers that comes with 8-10 years of warranty, which are really durable.


All above ground pool covers role is to protect your pool from getting dirty. That is why it is important to check how much protection the cover will provide. Make sure to think about if the pool cover is waterproof or not so that rainwater cannot pollute your pool. If you live in a snowy area, get ripping proof cover that protects your pool from the snow. Additionally, check if the cover has UV ray protection or not, and last but most important, absolutely make sure that leaves and other solid debris can automatically keep falling from your pool cover. 

Strong and Ripping free

Pool covers generally stay outside of your house. Any of your pet may scratch it, or harder wreckage may fall on your cover. For that reason, it needs to be strong enough to prevent ripping. If it just rips easily, dirt and debris can easily get into your pool and pollute the water. Then it is pretty useless to have a pool cover at all. So make sure to get the best pool cover that does not rip easily. 


Well, the pool cover you buy is going to last long for a season if it is made out of good material. Above ground pool covers are generally made out of polythene, which is prone to ripping and stretching. Good quality plastic has a higher resistance to ripping, which is why you need to make sure that the pool cover that you are buying is made from good quality material. 


Basically, Leaves and insects may come through if the pool cover does not fit properly on the pool. It will be useless if it does not fit your pool. Make sure to know what the size of your pool is before buying a big enough pool cover. The good news is many of these above ground pool covers come in multiple sizes, so you can buy the one that is going to fit your pool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are these above ground pool covers very heavy?

These pool covers are lightweight enough so that they can easily float on top of the water on your pool.

Q. Will these pool covers fit in my pools?

Above pool covers are bigger in size, easily fit 50-100 ft. above ground pool.

Q. Will these pool covers damage quickly?

Most of the pool cover are heavy-duty product. It may last 2-3 years depending on usage.

Q. Are these above ground pool covers easy to install and remove?

There is no trouble in fitting and removing these above ground pool covers. They are very lightweight and easy to use.

Our Top Pick

All of these above ground pool covers are exceptionally good at what they do. They are very good at stopping debris from getting into your pool and are made to last very long. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with buying any of these above ground pool covers. But from an objective standpoint, with taking all of their features into consideration, we have concluded that the Robelle pool cover can be crowned as the best one out of them all. The reasons that this pool cover can be considered the best are;

Robelle - Above Ground Winter Cover for Pool

Key Specification:

  • Solid heavy-duty material
  • Heavy-duty Scrim
  • Quality manufacturing material
  • Durable
  • Prevents water from getting in
  • UV protected
  • Prevents Algae growth
  • Easy to remove
  • Easily floats on top of the water
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 years warranty
  • #2nd best sold pool safety cover on Amazon


In winter, you do need a ground pool cover to protect your pool. It can go a long way towards the longevity of your pool. No matter how thoroughly you clean it, some amount of debris may be left in the pool, which can sometimes be dangerous.

Just think about it, what will happens if a tiny pointy object gets left on the bottom of the pool and someone ends up getting hurt because of it. Therefore, it’s just better to get a pool cover and keep your pool much safer. Just check the list and find the best above ground pool cover that fit your pool’s need perfectly and buy it today.

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